Hublot Watch Service

Quality Repairs for your Hublot Timepiece

hublot mechanical black rubber strap

Service for your Hublot timepiece includes cleaning, relubrication, regulation of balance, case and bracelet refinishing (if applicable), replacement of seals, gaskets, and water resistance testing (if applicable), and an 18 month warranty.

Our watchmakers are trained and certified to repair most to all models of Hublot watches. Please allow two to three weeks for completion of a typical Hublot service/overhaul. Some models may require 4-8 weeks due to complications or backordered parts.

We service most to all models of Hublot watches including Hublot Big Bang Collection, Ferrari Unico series, Classic Fusion, Berluti Series, King Gold, King Power Collection, and vintage models.

Our Hublot watchmakers are trained in the servicing and overhauls of most models of Hublot watches. We only use genuine Hublot if the timepiece requires it.

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